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An Introduction to I'm a Hero Too

I'm a Hero Too offers a developmental journey into some of the more common emotions young children face, but find difficult to define or express, in the absence of a military parent. It offers insights to guide the child's desires to be involved with the absent parent through activities and meaningful thoughts. Whether the absence is thirty days for a military school, training rotations, or a one-year unit deployment, our story makes suggestions on how to stay in touch with feelings, emotions, and the absent parent.

The emotional skill-set of a younger child is limited, to say the least. Watching a child not want to eat when you know they're hungry or a tired child not want to sleep, are common amongst children who have a deployed or temporarily absent parent. Many emotions accompany such separations and the longer the absence, the more likely the child's confusion and emotional turmoil. It is the role of the parent or caregiver left behind that faces the daunting task of looking for the signs and symptoms of conflicting feelings that are often hidden and express themselves in emotions such as anger and fear. It is ultimately the responsibility of the caregiver to help the child cope with the absence by encouraging them to identify their feelings and find ways to openly and confidently express them.


I'm a Hero Too was written over an entire military career. It was only when I retired from active duty that I truly viewed the summation of all the sacrifices my children made over the years. Although my younger children are more appreciative of the age-appropriateness of the book, it is no less relevant for my older kids as it was their emotional connection to my career that motivated me to write. You could say this book was inspired by actual events because it tells the story not only of my family's experiences, but also of countless families we interacted with and befriended over a career.


Advice for Parents

For more advice and help for parents, please take a look at our Useful Links page.


I'll tell him a story about something I've seen, and sing him my favorite song !
I'll send him a happy photo of me, because my smile keeps daddy strong.

Hero Bear

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