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I'm A Hero Too - Coloring Book

I'm a Hero Too offers a developmental journey into some of the more common emotions young children face, but find difficult to define or express in the absence of a military parent. It offers insights to guide the child's desires to be involved with the absent parent through activities and meaningful thoughts. Whether the absence is thirty days for a military school, training rotations, or a one-year unit deployment, our story makes suggestions on how to stay in touch with feelings, emotions, and the absent parent.

I'm a Hero Too reads and is illustrated purposely as branch immaterial, military nonspecific, and gender neutral - there is a Daddy and a Mommy version of the book. All the love, time, and efforts put into writing this very unique book are to ensure that no military child is left out of this story. It is their heroism, this book brings attention to. Our country's path to freedom is not only paved by those who volunteer, but also by those who support them.

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